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Photos of my Mexico trip from 14.8. till 11.9.2001

After I haven't traveled really far in the last two years (except for middle Europe) I had to go to widen my mind's horizon It is a story by itself to tell why I picked Mexico this time.

Here are just some numbers:

  • - approximately 180 Photos taken in 4 Weeks
  • - 3000 km by Bus in Mexico
  • - 18000 km flight
  • -14 different Hotels/Pensionen/Youthhostels


I didn't put the photos in order of time, I hope you don't care. I'm always happy for feedback, critics or improvement advises. Also my English is not the best. It may contain German sentence structure. You all know my emailaddress.

Now let's start with the photo show.

  This map shows the peninsula Yucatan and the route we have taken. (You can enlarge the size of the picture easily.)

I have not sorted the pictures in order of time. I only scaned the best and most beautiful to show you these. But now enough words let's start by the experience and the photos I made.

At the third day we visit El Castillo the pyramid of of Kukulkan in Chichen Itza, one the most famous in the world. It is a popular represent for all pyramids in Yukatan.

It was the first pyramid we got a look. On 2 sites it reconstructed. Thousands of tourist go on the steep top daily. On the top you see a small temple.

Here I climbed upon one of the 1000 columns that supported earlier a tremendous building.

Here you see how colorful the streets and houses are in Mexico. This picture was taken on the island of Isla Mujeres. We spent here the first two nights.
This picture was actually taken on our day of arrival. Here I'm still wearing long pants. The travel guide book in my hands I walk across the median strip. Of course palms have been planted here :-)


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